The St. Petersburg Swans at Miami Saints will meet for the 9th time Saturday, when the Swans host a Showdown Carnival in St. Pete.

The St. Petersburg Swans (5-3) and Miami Saints (3-1) will conclude this season’s Home and Away Series between the two Florida rivals when the Swans host a Showdown Carnival, Saturday at 4 PM in St. Pete.


Austen Kugler wins the tap to start the Swans’ 146-38 win over Miami to start the 2017 season.

The results will likely have direct impact on the Swans’ Major League Footy Championship Finals hopes, as the Saints’ 100-49 win in Ft. Lauderdale on April 23 – coupled with a 110-100 loss to the upstart Tampa Bay Bombers –  took the shine off the Bloods’ scintillating start.


Mustapha Turay nearly willed the Swans to a victory in Ft. Lauderdale in 2017, but a late surge assured the hosts a 57-21 win

The Swans defeated Miami 66-11 in the MLF Season Opener, April 14 at Largo Sports Complex.

Those results follow a definitive pattern in the 5-year rivalry between the clubs – each team nearly always wins at home.

That’s a trend St. Petersburg will be looking to continue this Saturday when the club’s meet in this season’s ‘rubber match’ between the to sides, with a positive result quite likely assuring the Swans a playoff opportunity.

Since the series began, both sides stand level at 5-5, with Miami never scoring more than 77 points in a game played on Florida’s West Coast.

Concerning for the Swans, however, is that those points came in a 37-point Miami win at Crescent Lake Common, where the sides will meet this Saturday.

That result marked the first time the Swans had scored fewer than 100 points in a home match-up with their Southern brethren, including the highest scoring match in St. Pete history – a 146-38 season opening win in 2017.

While the Swans have typically had Miami’s number in games played in St. Petersburg, Miami has lost only a 42-28 decision in the St. Pete side’s first-ever match at Central Broward Regional Park and Stadium in 2014.

Since that inconspicuous start, the Saints have dominated their home ground, and – other than that slip-up at Crescent Lake last season, the Swans have likewise defended their neighborhood with aplomb.

Saturday’s match between the Miami Saints and St. Petersburg Swans will come in Game Two of the Showdown Carnival. Ball up is 4:45, after the conclusion of the Miami – Florida Lions 4 PM match that starts the series.

A win for the Swans could mean more than bragging rights – it could punch their ticket to the MLF playoffs.


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