MLFThe people of Major League Footy are passionate and dedicated to growing our great sport in the United States, and we look forward to working with everyone in the overall footy community in creating a new pathway for competitive footy.

While we are no longer associated within the organizational structure of the USAFL, we wholeheartedly support and acknowledge the USAFL’s twenty-year efforts to develop the sport in accordance with the traditions of Australian club culture in a non-profit model.

The USAFL is comprised of amazing people – nearly all volunteers – who devote themselves to our great sport, day-in and day-out. That can never be overstated.

Major League Footy is independent of the USAFL, which is the currently-recognized sanctioning body of the sport in the United States.

The business model of Major League Footy differs from the USAFL’s non-profit model, as it is based on the long-standing norms for American professional and semi-professional sports.

That business model is fused with an intent to focus only on the format of game-play best suited for American playing facilities, player availability, travel and the like – and is the model the St. Petersburg / Tampa Bay club has operated under since 2014.

As MLF continues game-play in its second season this weekend, we remain steadfast in our hope that the American landscape of the greatest team sport in the world will see room for new approaches and efforts to always cooperatively grow our game. Together.


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