Founded during ANZAC Week 2014, the St. Petersburg Swans are Tampa Bay’s entry in the 40-team United States Australian Football League (USAFL).

After devoting 2015 to training and recruiting, we made our debut with the 2016 USAFL Season. That campaign ended in October with our Men’s team making an unprecedented run to the Division IV Grand Final at the National Championships in Bradenton, Florida.

Our overall record in our Inaugural Season: 13-8.1

In addition, our Women’s side joined forces with the USAFL clubs representing Portland, Arizona, Arizona and Seattle – and captaured the flag as the 2016 USAFL Women’s Division II National Champions.

Yes, our original nickname – Starfish FC –  still lives on!

Inspired by the oldest known Aboriginal legends of the ‘bunyip’ monster, we originally chose ‘Starfish’ as a unique brand for a unique sport, while retaining the more formal ‘Tampa Bay ARFC’ as the legal name of our club.


Our original nickname – Starfish FC – is now used for (intra-squad) Winter League play.

The history of our name change is somewhat fitting, however…In 2016, we permanently adopted ‘St. Petersburg Swans’ as our club identity, with ‘Starfish FC’ re-purposed as strictly an intra-squad side.

Formed in 1874 in South Melbourne, the now-Sydney Swans (also affectionately referred to as the ‘Swannies’ or ‘Bloods’ by their supporters) are one of the most-storied sides in the original VFL and current AFL, and also narrowly missed another Grand Final victory in 2016.

The USAFL approved our nickname change to the St. Petersburg Swans in December 2016. So, you may see us refer to ourselves as the ‘Swans’, ‘Bloods’, ‘Swannies’ or ‘Red and White’…And, you will sometimes see ‘Tampa Bay ARFC’, but don’t get confused —-

We are the St. Petersburg Swans, 2016 USAFL Division IV Grand Finalists.